In early 1995, an initiative to improve the management of the Greenway Centre and to maximise local use and involvement was put forward. An interim steering committee of local residents was established on 1st April 1995 with a remit to manage the centre and establish a locally elected Development Trust. 

The Greenway Centre now provides the following services:

  • Facilities for community groups including exercise classes, a choir and a community church.
  • Community gym and fitness classes, including GP referral scheme and exercise for those on release from the local prison. 
  • Courses for job seekers with few qualifications
  • Affordable business pods for start up businesses

The charity also works alongside statutory and voluntary organisations to improve the quality of life of residents in Southmead. The charity also promotes community cohesion by organising events such as the Southmead Festival.

For more information on the project, download the case study here or view the video.