Responsible Business Principles


1.                   The Responsible Business Principles include four guiding principles:

(a)                 Business Integrity. To be open and honest in all its dealings, while respecting commercial and personal confidentiality and to operate in accordance with                         all legal and regulatory requirements.

(b)                 Fair dealing. To be objective, consistent and fair with all its stakeholders.

(c)                 Good citizenship. To be a good corporate citizen, demonstrating integrity in each business and community in which it operates.

(d)                 Respect. To respect the dignity and well-being of all its people and those with whom it is involved.

2.                   Each organisation adopting the Responsible Business Principles agrees:

(a)                 to provide safe and healthy working conditions for its employees and contractors;

(b)                 to encourage the efficient use of natural resources and promote the protection of the environment;

(c)                 to treat all employees fairly in terms of recruitment, progression, remuneration and conditions of work, in accordance with applicable equalities legislation;

(d)                 to allow consultative work-place structures and associations which provides employees with an opportunity to present their views to the management;

(e)                 to take account of the impact of its operations on the local community and seeks to ensure that potentially harmful occupational health and safety,                                       environmental and social effects are properly assessed, addressed and monitored;

(f)                  to uphold high standards of business integrity and honesty, and to operate in accordance with law and good practice (including those intended to fight                                 extortion, bribery and financial crime).

3.                   Each organisation adopting the Responsible Business Principles agrees not to undertake or to invest in any of the following businesses:

(a)                 business manufacturing equipment (including nuclear products), primarily designed or primarily designated for military purposes.

(b)                 businesses involved in the production, processing or distribution of illegal drugs.

(c)                 businesses for whom the following activities are, or are intended to be in the future, a significant source of revenue:

(i)                   the establishment or operation or any form of gambling other than society lotteries as defined in the Gambling Act 2005;

(ii)                 pornography, or the provision of products or services of a substantially similar nature;

(iii)               the manufacture or distribution of tobacco or tobacco related products.

(d)                 a business which is subject to any sanctions administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Treasury Department; or is named in the                                consolidated list  of persons, groups or entities subject to European Union sanctions administered by the European External Action Service of the                                       European Commission; or is a “designated person” under the Terrorist Asset-Freezing etc. Act 2010.