Our Services

We are dedicated to helping community energy projects to overcome all barriers. We do this by providing affordable finance for community energy projects and proving professional expertise and support. We not only directly support communities but we also work with government, private and third sector to create growth opportunities and projects.

Project Funding

Pure Leapfrog provides affordable finance to community energy projects of all sizes across the UK through the provision of small and large scale loans. 

As impact investors, all of the projects we support not only have a positive environmental impact through the reduction of carbon emissions, but they also deliver social and financial returns to the local community. The communities we support through our loans are primarily located in deprived areas of the UK. 

We are currently able to provide finance through two different avenues: the British Airways Carbon Fund and our trading subsidiary Leapfrog Finance

Our Legal Toolkit

Our Local Energy Accelerator Platform (LEAP) is designed to help accelerate the delivery of community energy projects. It gives community energy projects access to bankable, industry standard legal document templates and guidance notes. For more information on LEAP, please click here.

Our Advisory Services

Pure Leapfrog is a leading provider of expertise and support services for the community energy sector. To help create new opportunities for communities to deliver new projects we advise organisations on how to deliver and structure projects. As part of our work to help with scalability we support the standardisation and aggregation of projects. For more information on the advisory services we offer, please click here.