Our Legal Toolkit

LEAP (Local Energy Accelerator Platform) is designed to help accelerate the delivery of community energy projects, whilst reducing risks and costs. The first plank of LEAP is the access to bankable, industry standard legal document templates guidance notes and financial models.

The platform has a suite of over 20 templates documents covering a range of technologies including solar, wind, hydro, energy efficiency and provides templates for each stage of a project.

  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Exclusivity Agreement
  • Heads of Terms
  • Option Agreement
  • Lease
  • Licence
  • PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)
  • Confidentiality Agreement for a Lease
  • Project Management Agreement
  • Lighting Services Agreement (and associated financial model)
  • Licence-exempt supply agreement for domestic electricity
  • Multi-technology Contracts (allowing groups to install multiple technologies with one contract)

In addition, every document comes with a short guidance note on its use and there are detailed guidance notes on EPC and O&M contracts to assist groups in their negotiations with contractors. We have also developed a guide to the types of legal documents that would be needed to complete a solar rooftop PV project which is available here.

Local Authorities and developers can also access LEAP, just get in touch!

Please get in touch with us at info@pureleapfrog.org if you would like to learn more or gain access to the platform.