Carbon offsetting gives governments, NGOs and businesses an effective way, as part of a comprehensive carbon reduction strategy, to compensate for the emissions associated with their activities.

As a corporate, carbon offsetting can enhance your reputation for corporate & social responsibility and assure a place in corporate and public sector supply chains.

Pure Leapfrog offers a quality assured route to achieve carbon neutrality, whether that’s for your whole footprint or for a specific activity.

We have provided a business calculator which covers all possible carbon emissions a business could incur, including: travel, home offices, and business utilities (if applicable).

  1. Download the Calculator
  2. Offset the total here once you have calculated your footprint

Please note that the carbon calculator is updated every year (typically in the summer) once the new UK Government conversion factors come out. This calculator is for the year 2018 and should be used with data from 2018 only. If you are reporting emissions that span two calendar years, then use the calculator that is most relevant to your reporting year. If you have data from other years that you would like to report on then please get in contact with us for previous versions of the calculator.

Salary related giving

Salary related giving is a popular way for employees to get involved in a company's carbon reduction activities.

It is easy to set up a salary related scheme either through a Give as You Earn scheme or as an option within a flexible benefits package. Check with your benefits provider as they may already have an arrangement with us.

If you would like further information, please contact us and a member of our team will be able to advise.