Offset your carbon emissions

Every day we take actions which require energy and result in carbon emissions, be that driving, flying or keeping our home warm. While there are numerous ways to reduce our individual carbon footprints, there is still a certain level of unavoidable energy consumption and thus carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere as a result of our activities. Carbon offsetting helps to tackle this problem.

Pure Leapfrog’s offsetting programme supports carbon reduction projects in developing countries. As well as reducing carbon emissions in verifiable way all the projects we support also have positive social impacts in the local communities.

There are several ways you can offset your emissions with Pure Leapfrog

1) Simplified

We have developed a simplified way to offset your household and individual carbon emissions here

2) Business

You can work out your business emissions using our excel calculator, available here (note, this will download and excel file), and then offset the amount of tonnes here.

3) Travel

If you would like to offset your travel emissions, please click here.


4) Offset

If you already know how many tonnes you would like to offset, please click here.