Complaints Policy


Policy statement

Receiving feedback and responding to complaints is an important part of improving Leapfrog Group’s accountability.  Ensuring our stakeholders can hold us to account will improve the quality of our work in all areas.


This policy applies to Leapfrog Group and is global in its application.


A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction about the standards of service, actions or lack of action, by Leapfrog Group or its staff and associated personnel.  It is a criticism that expects a reply and would like things to be changed.  Complaints could include the following (which is not an exhaustive list):

Concern from someone we work with about the quality of programme delivery

  • Concern from a member of the public or supporter about a particular fundraising approach or campaign action
  • Concern about the behaviour of staff or associated personnel

A complaint has to be about some action for which Leapfrog Group is responsible or is within our sphere of influence.

A complaint is not:

A general inquiry about Leapfrog Group’s work

  • A request for information
  • A contractual dispute
  • A request to amend records e.g. to correct an address, cancel a donation.

The complaints procedures do not apply to complaints that are subject to current investigation by any regulatory body or other legal or official authorities in the UK. 

Procedures for making a complaint

It is hoped that most complaints or concerns about Leapfrog Group’s work or behaviour can and will be dealt with informally by staff.  However, it is recognised that not all issues can be resolved in this way and that a formal complaints mechanism is required for those occasions when an individual or organisation wishes to make their complaint a matter of record and to receive a formal response.

How to make a complaint

All formal complaints should be made in writing either directly from the individual or organisation making the complaint or via someone acting on their behalf.  See below for details about to whom to address a complaint.

Who can make a complaint?

This policy is global in application. A complaint can be made by: 

  • Any supporter
  • Partner organisation
  • Community or individual with whom we work
  • Any member of the public whether an individual, company or other entity in the UK or around the

Who is not covered by this policy?

Complaints by staff are governed by Leapfrog Group’s procedures for dealing with problems in the workplace.  Complaints relating to serious incidents such as fraud and corruption or safeguarding concerns will be dealt with through the relevant policy and procedures.

How to make a complaint

Please contact Claire Hanratty on