Tips for a lower carbon life

We can all reduce our carbon footprint. Our individual efforts, however small, accumulate to not only reduce our personal carbon emissions, but also raise awareness of our collective environmental impact. If we all make conscious behavioural shifts to more environmentally friendly practices, we can simultaneously evoke positive climate change within policy and production globally. Let’s all make a difference! 

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The principle here is to refuse everyday products that cannot be reused.

One great way to avoid the temptation to buy disposable products/packaging is by being prepared! You can avoid disposables more easily through the purchasing (and remembering to use) reusable water bottles and keep cups, and through meal preparation.

Remember that recycling requires a lot of energy and resources, so it is best be used as a last resort.

Switch Off

  1.  Unplug electronics when they are no longer in use.
  2. Turn off lights when you leave the room.
  3. Insulate your home to make heating it more efficient by installing smart meters.
  4. Only heat/cool the house when necessary and turn it off when you leave the house.

Conscious Consumption

The top tip here is to slow down and reduce the rate you consume…

Reduce the rate in which you buy new clothes and move away from the fast fashion industry.  Pay slightly more for higher quality, ethically robust products, which will last longer. Use platforms that enable you to buy second-hand items as well as sell your unwanted items. Invest time to upcycle products to give them a new life.

Meat as a Treat

Meat consumption/production is a huge contributor to global carbon emissions. You don’t have to become vegan to have an impact here, simply reducing your meat consumption will make a difference. To see what foods emit the most carbon see this link.

Purchasing local and seasonal food is another great way to reduce your carbon footprint. This also supports local businesses, reduces food miles, and often reduces your plastic waste too. If you have the resources, you could even start growing your own food!

Enjoy the Ride!

 The transport sector is a huge contributor to global carbon emissions. Some ways that we can reduce our impact here are to:

  1. Continue or opt for public and shared transport.
  2. Embrace alternative methods of transport – walk, bike, scoot – and see them as part of the fun!
  3. When you do travel long distances, stay longer.
  4. If you have to fly, offset your journeys. For more tips when travelling see our ‘Top Tips for Lower Carbon Travel’ guide.

Speak Out

  1. Advocate for lower carbon initiatives and alternatives.
  2. Get involved with sustainable movements and petitions.
  3. Vote! Use your democratic right to vote for parties who priorities environmental initiatives.