Carbon Offsetting Simplified

Working out your precise carbon footprint often takes a lot of time and so for ease we have provided three different offsetting options for you to help offset your personal and household emissions: low, medium and high.

Each option is described below in terms of car use, flights and household energy use. Choose the option that best describes your energy use and then click on the picture to be taken through to offset the amount.


The Low Footprint category covers individuals who do not own or regularly drive a motor vehicle, do not travel by air, and have very moderate household energy consumption per person due to building type, household size and/or energy efficient behaviours.

The Medium Footprint category includes individuals who regularly drive a private motor vehicle (up to 5000 miles annually), travel by air on average once a year (short-haul return flight) and have medium household energy consumption per person, with a mixture of conventional and energy saving behaviours.

The High Footprint category typically represents individuals who regularly drive a private motor vehicle for long distances (over 5000 miles annually), take three or more flights a year and have above average household energy consumption due to building characteristics, size and/or energy consumption habits.