Carbon Co-op is a community energy co-operative that promotes the development of carbon reduction measures. It focuses on making it simple, cheap and easy for households, streets and neighbourhoods to come together to retrofit their houses through the purchase of low-carbon and energy-saving equipment. As Carbon Co-op is owned by its members, any profits generated are re-invested back into the co-operative and the more people that join, the cheaper the products become.

Carbon Co-op's unique Community Green Deal programme works with 14 homeowners occupiers around Greater Manchester to create a network of eco show houses, retrofitted to achieve emission reductions of 80%. Once a month, Carbon Co-op put member household energy efficiency questions to specialists, architects and engineers. The sessions are streamed live and videos archived for later viewing. 

Pure Leapfrog helped provide the professional support that Carbon Co-op needed to get off the ground. The project involved creating the business plan and legal contracts that mirrored the principles of the Green Deal. 

To find out more information on the project and the support it received, please take a look a the case study