British Airways Carbon Fund

The British Airways Carbon Fund pipeline for 2020 is now open

In 2011 British Airways and Pure Leapfrog came together to create the first passenger programme to help UK based community energy projects – now known as The Carbon Fund.

The Carbon Fund is a voluntary scheme for British Airways’ customers. When booking a flight on, customers can choose whether to donate in support of low carbon, energy efficiency or renewable energy projects in the UK and Africa. All of these projects also help communities that are deprived in some way – fostering cleaner, greener and stronger communities. NOTE: These projects are too small to be certified carbon offset projects. If you are seeking to offset your flights, please visit our BA carbon zero offset page.

Pure Leapfrog manages donated funds on behalf of British Airways and both organisations work collaboratively to identify suitable community-based projects that not only reduce carbon emissions but also provide strong social impacts to communities.

Over the past 8 years, customer donations have gone towards funding some incredible projects. They have helped install solar panels on school roofs, a biomass boiler in a leisure centre and LED lights on community buildings. 

In terms of criteria, all projects have to have a community element to them and funding has to go towards the installation of renewable energy or energy efficiency measures and cannot go towards development costs. All projects also have to have a positive social impact in the local community, such as increasing education, health and well-being and reducing fuel poverty.

If you are interested in applying to the Fund, please read our criteria.


Total Impacts

  • 48 community projects completed; another 5 presently being delivered 
  • More than £3,400,000 of lifetime community benefit generated by completed projects
  • Completed projects have also impacted the lives of 525,000 people across the UK and in Africa

Below are just two of the projects funded by the British Airways Carbon Fund. To see more case studies visit here.

Thistles Garden Centre

During Autumn 2018, Thistles Garden Centre installed an 11.73kW roof mounted PV system together with an 11kWp Air Source Heat Pump on a new building at the Centre.

Thistles Garden Centre provides occupation and education services for adults with learning difficulties. Many of the users have medical conditions meaning they are vulnerable to cold. The effective new heating means they will be able to keep coming even in the coldest weather without a detriment to their health.

The savings made on energy bills all go straight back into Centre to extend and enhance its services.

Melosheb School

During August 2018, Melosheb School in Lusaka, Zambia installed a 1.7kWp roof mounted solar PV system on a newly built computer lab.

This has provided electricity for the first time which has allowed for the introduction of IT at the school and also means that staff and pupils can work at the school in a safe environment after dark.

There has been much excitement and enthusiasm about the project within the local community. Pupil enrolment has increased by 40% compared to last year. It has boosted staff and pupil morale and contributed to a feeling of pride in the school.