The British Airways Carbon Fund has a full pipeline for 2019 so is not currently accepting more applications. Please check back again later in 2019

In 2011 British Airways and Pure Leapfrog came together to create the first passenger programme to help UK based community energy projects – now known as The Carbon Fund.

The Carbon Fund is a voluntary scheme for British Airways’ customers who wish to travel responsibly and mitigate the impact of their journey. When booking a flight on, customers can choose whether to donate in support of low carbon, energy efficiency or renewable energy projects in the UK and Africa. All of these projects also help communities that are deprived in some way - fostering cleaner, greener and stronger communities.

Pure Leapfrog manages donated funds on behalf of British Airways and both organisations work collaboratively to identify suitable community-based projects that not only reduce carbon emissions but also provide strong social impacts to communities.

Over the past 7 years, customer donations have gone towards funding some incredible projects. They have helped install solar panels on school roofs, a biomass boiler in a leisure centre and LED lights on community buildings. 

In terms of criteria, all projects have to have a community element to them and funding has to go towards the installation of renewable energy or energy efficiency measures and cannot go towards development costs. All projects also have to have a positive social impact in the local community, such as increasing education, health and well-being and reducing fuel poverty.

Total Impacts

  • 38 community projects completed; another 5 presently being delivered (with 10 more in the pipeline for 2019)
  • More than £3,000,000 of lifetime community benefit generated by completed projects
  • Completed projects have also impacted the lives of 450,000 people across the UK and in Africa

Below are just some of the projects funded by the British Airways Carbon Fund. Please see our case studies page for more projects. 

Thistles Garden Centre

During Autumn 2018, Thistles Garden Centre installed an 11.73kW roof mounted PV system together with an 11kWp Air Source Heat Pump on a new building at the Centre.

Thistles Garden Centre provides occupation and education services for adults with learning difficulties. Many of the users have medical conditions meaning they are vulnerable to cold. The effective new heating means they will be able to keep coming even in the coldest weather without a detriment to their health.

The savings made on energy bills all go straight back into Centre to extend and enhance its services.

Read more information about this project here.

Melosheb School

During August 2018, Melosheb School in Lusaka, Zambia installed a 1.7kWp roof mounted solar PV system on a newly built computer lab.

This has provided electricity for the first time which has allowed for the introduction of IT at the school and also means that staff and pupils can work at the school in a safe environment after dark.

There has been much excitement and enthusiasm about the project within the local community. Pupil enrolment has increased by 40% compared to last year. It has boosted staff and pupil morale and contributed to a feeling of pride in the school.

Read more information about this project here.

Bowden House

Bowden House School is a weekly residential school in Seaford that supports students who present with a range of complex social, emotional and mental health difficulties.

During the summer of 2018, Bowden House School in East Sussex installed a large 82kW roof mounted solar PV across several of its buildings.

The income provided by the panels as a result of the generation and export tariffs along with the electricity savings will allow the conversion of an old, disused building into a youth club.

For more information about this project, please read our case study here.



The British Airways Carbon Fund helped fund an energy-efficient community space in a Renfrewshire town. 

The former janitor’s house, which had lain empty and derelict for seven years, has undergone a six-figure refurbishment and is now providing much needed space for after-school care, and local community groups. 

The installation of the building’s energy efficient lighting, heating, hot water system and highly rated insulation was made possible by funding from the British Airways Carbon Fund, managed by Pure Leapfrog.

To read more about this project please see the full story here.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Ol Pejeta Solar PV

In 2016 the British Airways Carbon Fund helped fund the replacement of a diesel powered water pump with a solar PV powered pump at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. The solar PV also powers the latest TV Whitespace Technology, allowing broadband to be transmitted for up to 15km from the pump. Not only does the Wi-Fi enable data on the pump and solar panels to be transmitted, allowing issues to be identified and managed quickly, but local schools are also able to use the Wi-Fi for free. The conservancy is located in a drought prone area and the project will enable them to monitor and manage their water usage for the first time. This project is a pilot of a programme that would see around 30 conservancies in the Laikipia Region switch to solar PV powered water pumps. 

You can view live footage from the top of the first installed pump here. Note: depending on the season and time of day animals may/may not be visible. 

Excitingly, the Fund has recently agreed to support the installation of a second pump and works on this project are underway now - stay tuned for updates!

Spelthorne Gymnastics Club

Picture showing the outside of the new Spelthorne Gymnastics Centre 2017

In 2017 Spelthorne Gymnastics Club relocated to a new site at Bishop Wand Church of England School in Sunbury-on-Thames, building a brand new sports centre with an air source heat pump and efficient lighting controls and fittings to make it as green as possible. In the next 5 years they are hoping to increase the number of people benefitting from the centre from 1,000 to 3,000 due to the increase in the size of the building, the range of sports it can cater for and the increase in users from the school. The new centre and the introduction of the green technologies has enabled the sports club to keep going, ensuring that around 40 jobs are saved and that local gymnasts still have a place to train.

How to apply

For information about how to apply to the fund and the criteria, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

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