Bridge Finance

Leapfrog Finance, Pure Leapfrog’s subsidiary, is a social and environmental impact investor. It aims to enable UK communities, particularly in deprived areas, to draw financial environmental and social benefits from locally-owned renewable energy, and energy efficiency assets).

Leapfrog Finance was established in 2015 to provide finance to communities wishing to acquire, install and build renewable energy with a £15m facility provided by Big Society Capital, which subsequently grew.

Leapfrog Finance has made loans of almost £45m since its inception, enabling communities in deprived areas of the UK to own and benefit from renewable energy. Most importantly, these loans have enabled communities to secure £12.5m of community benefit funds that will flow from the surpluses generated by these sites which can be applied to improving social outcomes in the local area.

These social and environmental impacts are core to Leapfrog’s purpose and as such, we seek to maximise the benefits for the local communities achieved by the projects we fund. Leapfrog Finance achieves this through guidance in designing, planning, delivery and monitoring of impacts.

Our team of experts has more than 100 years of combined experience in financing renewable energy and energy efficiency and we look forward to helping communities achieve their goals.

You can find more information about who and what we can fund here.

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