Toyola, clean cook-stoves, Nigeria

Healthier conditions and local employment opportunities by replacing carbon-intensive coal pots with Toyola cook stoves.

Providing low-smoke cook stoves to communities, replacing inefficient charcoal burning inside the home.

Reliance on biomass for cooking leads to environmental degradation, and forces women and children to spend many hours each week collecting wood. Smoke from these stoves contributes to a range of chronic illnesses and acute health issues.  

Toyola stoves are made largely from scrap metal from construction projects across Nigeria. The design was developed in collaboration with local communities, members of which are now involved in manufacturing of the stoves. 

Full details of the project’s design, location and monitoring.

The project provides the following positive impacts:

  • 33% more fuel-efficient than traditional cooking methods 
  • Enable substantial savings on fuel costs for households  
  • Annual emission reduction: 780,000 tonnes CO₂e  
  • Improve indoor air quality, reducing acute respiratory infections  
  • Promote circular economy and recycling