Fly with sustainable fuel

Be part of the future of sustainable travel – 10% of the emissions reduction will come from sustainable aviation fuel attributed to your flight

British Airways and its parent company International Airlines Group have committed $400 million over the next 20 years to accelerate the development and production of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). You can join us on this incredible journey to create renewable fuel for aircraft by becoming one of the first people in the world to fly carbon neutral partly using low-carbon sustainable aviation fuel.

Sustainable fuels are produced using renewable or recycled waste carbon meaning that British Airways displaces a litre of conventional jet fuel for every litre of SAF that it consumes. When the lifecycle emissions of SAF are calculated, they result in around 70-90% less CO2 emissions compared to conventional jet fuel.

When you purchase the option for 10% of your flight emissions to be reduced using SAF, British Airways will source the SAF quantity necessary to make 10% of your flight emissions carbon neutral. The remaining emissions will be reduced using our high-quality emission reduction projects to ensure your flight is carbon neutral overall. The CO2 emissions associated with the SAF you purchase will be allocated only to you and this will be audited for British Airways by an independent assurance company.

British Airways will not make a profit from any SAF payment received and will ensure that all funds go towards the cost of SAF supply and support for new sustainable fuel projects.

SAF is not presently produced in large volumes and many technologies are still under development, so the production costs are much higher than for conventional jet fuel. By selecting to purchase SAF, you are helping to accelerate the development of this new sustainable avenue for aviation as well as being one of the first in the world to have made their flight carbon neutral using SAF.