Mai Ndombe, Democratic Republic of Congo

Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation, protecting the world’s second-largest intact rainforest

Avoided deforestation (REDD+) in Democratic Republic of Congo

Mai Ndombe protects 300,000 hectares of critical bonobo and forest elephant habitat within the world’s second-largest intact rainforest, as well as some of the most important wetlands on the earth in the Congo Basin.

The project reduces the drivers of forest and biodiversity loss and invests in the surrounding local communities, which are among the world’s most impoverished.

Full details of the project’s design, location and monitoring.

The project provides the following positive impacts:

  • Avoided deforestation of >99,000 hectares

  • Avoided CO2e emissions >36,000,000

  • Logging halted, deforested areas regenerated bringing back biodiversity & wildlife

  • Improved livelihood and well-being for >11,000 local community members

  • Mobile health clinic serving remote areas

  • 12 new schools built to support local education