Fly carbon neutral

British Airways has partnered with charity Pure Leapfrog to allow you to offset your flight

Join us in acting on climate change by making your flight carbon neutral in three easy steps.

British Airways has made all flights within the UK carbon neutral so on these flights there is no need to offset your emissions.



1. Enter you journey details below to calculate the emissions.
2. Next please select one of our fantastic emission reduction projects to offset with.
Forest protection in Cardamom, Cambodia
Protect the last great rainforest of Asia and support sustainable livelihoods.

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Cost to fly carbon neutral £0.00.
Sustainable cook stoves in Darfur, Sudan
Reduce emissions and save lives replacing wood and charcoal with low smoke stoves.

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Cost to fly carbon neutral £0.00.
Forest protection in Cordillera Azul, Peru
Protect the rainforest of the Cordillera Azul National Park, a jewel of the Amazon basin.

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Cost to fly carbon neutral £0.00.
A mix of all three of these great projects
Can’t decide? Choose to contribute an equal amount to each of our projects.

Cost to fly carbon neutral £0.00.
3. Finish by filling in your payment details to complete the process and receive your certificate. You have selected an equal mix of all projects: Cardamom REDD+, Darfur Cook Stoves and Cordillera Azul, REDD+.

Your total CO2 emissions for this flight are 0.00 tCO2e.
British Airways has already accounted for 0.00 tCO2e** so you only need to offset 0.00 tCO2e.

Cost to offset £0.00.

All emissions calculations are based on the UK Government’s latest carbon emission factors (BEIS, 2021).

If you would like to find out more please see our FAQS.