Fly Carbon Neutral

Make your flight carbon neutral with high quality, verified emission reduction projects or a new option where 10% of the emission reduction comes from sustainable aviation fuel.


1. Enter your journey details below to calculate the emissions

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2. Select your carbon neutral option

Fly carbon neutral with our high quality carbon offsets

Our projects combine protection of forests and support for local communities around the world
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Cost to fly carbon neutral £0.00

Fly carbon neutral with offsets plus sustainable fuel

Be part of the future of sustainable travel – 10% of the emissions reduction will come from sustainable aviation fuel attributed to your flight
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Cost to fly carbon neutral £0.00

Your CO2 emissions are 0.00 tonnes. You have selected to

Cost to fly carbon neutral £0.00

3. Enter your payment details

All emission calculations are based on the UK Government’s latest carbon emission factors (BEIS, 2021).


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