Act on your emissions

Aer Lingus has partnered with charity Pure Leapfrog to help you contribute to offsetting some of the emissions generated by your flight.

Join us in acting on climate change by acting on your carbon emissions in three easy steps


1. Enter your journey details below to calculate the emissions

2. Fill in your payment details to complete the process and receive your certificate.


Your total CO2 emissions for this flight are 0.00 tCO2e.


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All emissions calculations are based on the UK Government’s latest carbon emission factors (BEIS, 2022).

If you would like to find out more please see our FAQS.

We will use this Sustainable Cookstove project in Sudan to fulfill your order. This project helps to reduce carbon and also benefits women, their ability to work and spend time with family. You can read more about it here

Sustainable cook stoves in Darfur, Sudan
Reduce emissions and save lives replacing wood and charcoal with low smoke stoves.

Find out more.

Cost to fly net carbon zero 0.00