Forest protection in Cardamom, Cambodia

Protect the last great rainforest of Asia and support sustainable livelihoods.

Avoided deforestation (REDD+) in Cambodia

This project protects the last great rainforest of Asia, located in the Cardamom mountains in south-west Cambodia. Rainforest once covered south-east and south Asia but only 5% remains, and this precious biodiverse region is now particularly vulnerable due to an exponential increase in illegal land grabbing resulting from increased land prices.

The project focus is on climate change mitigation, biodiversity protection and the creation of alternative, sustainable livelihoods for local communities. This includes support for local rangers in policing the forest, local training, education programmes and wildlife rehabilitation. All of this contributes to the preservation of an important natural habitat, a crucial global carbon sink and multiple endangered species.

Full details of the project’s design, location and monitoring.

The project provides the following positive impacts:

  • Protection of 445,339 hectares of forest and 53 threatened species.
  • Project beneficiaries amount to 16,319 people, 3,841 families and 29 communities.
  • 1,410 families are targeted for training on sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Coaching and support is provided to rangers to assist in better policing of the rainforests and counteracting corruption.
  • Proceeds from the project help to develop ecotourism infrastructure to provide alternative incomes.
  • Scholarships are funded for students from 8 different communities.
  • The project also funds increased support for health workers, hiring of additional healthcare staff and improving facilities.