About Us

Pure Leapfrog is a charity that enables communities to take power over their own clean energy future. We provide affordable finance, expertise and support to community energy projects, enabling them to create the clean, green and sustainable energy system that they want to see.


Pure Leapfrog is the result of a merger between two charities dedicated to the support of community energy.

PURE the Clean Planet Trust began life as a charity created to raise the bar in carbon offsetting. Our expertise in carbon finance led to the development of the British Airways Carbon Fund in 2011 and shortly thereafter the creation of the Community Energy Fund in 2012, which was launched at the Cabinet Office. This was the UK’s first dedicated finance facility supporting the development of community energy projects drawing on a £1.5m credit facility from Big Society Capital.

In parallel, Carbon Leapfrog was launched by a network of professional service firms as a broker and project manager of professional support to community energy projects. Our in-house and brokered professional expertise has gone on to support many precedent setting, sector firsts and innovative projects worldwide.

PURE and Carbon Leapfrog worked alongside and supported each other for a number of years and in 2012 we decided that by working together and combining our expertise and resources we would be able to have a greater impact. As a merged entity, Pure Leapfrog has been able to scale up both its impact and reach.

We have standardised the process of delivery through a template legal platform and advised local governments, including Bristol City Council, and lobbied for change by engaging with the likes of the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. We have also scaled up the finance available to the community energy movement through setting up a trading subsidiary, Leapfrog Finance, that provides large-scale bridging finance to large scale community renewable energy projects through a £30m bridging facility.

To date, Pure Leapfrog has supported over 100 renewable energy and energy reduction projects, benefitting around 530,000 people and generating over £11m of community benefit. We have deployed over £25 million to support the development of community renewable energy projects and through our carbon offsetting programme we have also offset over 228,400 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

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How we're funded

Where does the funding for our work come from?

The funding that enables us to do our work comes from a variety of sources, including from Foundations and Trusts, corporate donations, individual donations and income from our services. If you would like to see our income and where it came from for a given year, please see our annual reports, available either here or on the Charity Commission website.

If you would like to partner with us, please see our partners page for more information on how to get in touch with us.

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Our Structure

Pure Leapfrog’s organisational structure

Pure Leapfrog is a charity with a wholly owned trading subsidiary, Leapfrog Finance, which in turn owns Bridge Finance. Leapfrog Finance was launched in September 2015 with a dedicated board and executive team. Oversight from the charity ensures the values and objectives of the charity are met whilst providing the freedom to grow the finance platform and ring fence risks and liabilities. 


Our vision, mission and aims.

Our vision is of a fair, sustainable, socially inclusive energy system in which people and communities participate by generating and benefitting from their own clean energy and actively reduce energy demand.

Our mission is to give all communities the opportunity to own, generate and benefit from clean, green power and work together to reduce energy demand by making finance accessible and affordable.

To ensure our vision is realised, we are dedicated to eliminating the financial and non-financial barriers faced by community energy in the UK. Our aim is to build a national centre of excellence, staffed with the leading community energy finance and project experts, and to become the go-to organisation for helping community organisations to overcome the hurdles they face in delivering projects.

Why we exist

Why does Pure Leapfrog exist?

Pure Leapfrog exists to help communities create and benefit from a low carbon, sustainable energy system. Communities throughout the world are concerned about the impacts of climate change and want to do something to help fight it. We help communities be active participants in reducing carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels whilst maximising the value of these projects, thereby helping to create truly sustainable communities.

Our Current Partners

Below is a list of our current partners, who without their help we wouldn’t be able to have the impact that we do.


Philanthropic Funders and Social Investors

  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • British Airways
  • Big Society Capital
  • Friends Provident Foundation

Supporting Partners

  • Simmons & Simmons
  • Capital Group
  • Linklaters
  • National Grid
  • Reed Smith

Network Partners

  • Ashurst
  • Bates Wells Braithwaite
  • Lux Nova Partners
  • Norton Rose Fulbright
  • Shakespeare Martineau

Our Strategy

Our strategy is focused on supporting the growth of community energy through 3 core areas of activity:

1. Enabling project delivery by providing technical support to community energy projects, in the form of advisory services and standardised project agreements. We aim to remove barriers to entry, and to provide help to communities so they can access, manage, and monitor the funds from those projects. We will work with Government and the commercial sector to support project delivery.

2. Driving innovation in the community energy sector. We do this by developing new business models that support communities in retaining maximum benefit from a clean, and fair, energy system.

3. Facilitating access to competitive finance for community energy projects, thereby unlocking the potential value available to communities engaging with the energy system. We do this through our commercial arm Leapfrog Finance, as well as through the provision of grants, carbon offsetting finance, and managing benefits on behalf of communities.