What is carbon offsetting?

Every day we take actions which require energy and result in carbon emissions, be that driving, flying or keeping our house warm. While there are numerous ways to reduce our individual carbon footprints, there is still a certain level of unavoidable energy consumption and thus carbon emissions released into the atmosphere as a result of our activities.

Carbon offsetting helps to tackle this problem.

Carbon Offsetting allows you to support environmental and social projects around the world and take responsibility for your carbon footprint by generating equivalent carbon savings elsewhere.

Through carbon offsetting you can enable a project which will compensate for your own carbon footprint. In practical terms, offsetting one tonne of CO2 (one carbon offset) will result in one tonne of CO2 less in the atmosphere compared to what could have been otherwise.

Projects you support can help to create new renewable energy, to reduce deforestation and to improve people’s health & wellbeing.

What is Pure Leapfrog's role?

We have been supporting people and organisations to reduce the footprint they have on the environment by providing carbon offsets since 2006.

We work with organisations who align with our mission to tackle climate change and address poverty. Our partners support communities to develop carbon reducing projects and obtain the necessary independent verification. The reason for independent verification is so that we can be sure that the reductions have actually taken place. The projects we support must demonstrate that the funding will enable the projects to either happen or scale (“additionality”).

Upon receiving donations, we then purchase credits in the projects for each tonne of emissions that they reduce. The amount we pay for the credits provides funding for the project. 

We maintain a special 'registry' account that ensures the credits we purchase are 'retired' from the market and can not be purchased by anyone else. 

How can I offset with Pure Leapfrog?

1. We have developed a simplified way to offset your household and individual carbon emissions here

2. You can work out your business emissions using our excel calculator, available here (note, this will download and excel file), and then offset the amount of tonnes here

3. If you would like to offset your travel emissions, please click here

4. If you already know how many tonnes you would like to offset, please click here

If you would like to offset your own footprint please click here and if you would like to offset a business's emissions, click here.