Leapfrog Finance funds first Council-supply solar farm, creating community benefit funds

Leapfrog Finance's support for Gridserve & Warrington Borough Council's solar deal will create £2.25m of social impact funds. Read more

The Sunny Schools Project helps children understand solar energy

Thanks to a generous donation by Simmons & Simmons as part of their annual carbon offset, school children are now understanding more about the solar energy that is powering their schools. Read more

Big Society Capital continues to support Leapfrog finance

Big Society capital has provided a £20m finance facility to support the fantastic community energy projects here at Leapfrog Finance. Read more

Burnham & Weston Energy refinance bridge loan creating £3m of community benefit funds

Community bond raise enables Burnham and Weston to complete the acquisition of their solar farm, releasing £3m in future community benefit funds over the life of the asset. Read more

Customer Donations Make A Genuine Impact

Donations by British Airways Customers to the British Airways Carbon Fund, which Pure Leapfrog manages, have had a significant impact in a small Renfrewshire community. Read more

Community Energy Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop

On the 1st of December, Pure Leapfrog held a workshop for community energy groups to help with the development of a standardised monitoring and evaluation tool and to ensure that the tool meets the diverse needs of the sector. Read more

Pure Leapfrog's response to the draft GLA Environment, Solar and Fuel Poverty Strategies

The Greater London Authority (GLA) recently published a draft Environment Strategy, Solar Action Plan and Fuel Poverty Strategy. The Mayor asked everyone interested to provide any feedback they had on the strategies. Pure Leapfrog's detailed response is here for anyone who wishes to read it. Read more

Leapfrog Finance win the Community Energy Finance Award 2017

Congratulations to Leapfrog Finance who won the Community Energy Finance Award at the Community Energy Awards on Wednesday! Read more

A Farewell to Susanne Denison

A few words from Susanne Denison, Trustee Read more

A Warm Welcome to Claire Hanratty

Pure Leapfrog is pleased to announce the appointment of Claire Hanratty as the new CEO of Pure Leapfrog, replacing Alex Germanis who is stepping down after having served as CEO for over two years. Read more

Farewell to Alex Germanis

As we announced back in March 2017, Alex Germanis has decided to resign his position as CEO of Pure Leapfrog. He kindly remained in position until the new CEO, Claire Hanratty, was in post. Read more

Monitoring and Evaluating Community Energy

Community Energy provides environmental, social and financial benefits to communities. However, there is currently no tool that enables groups to accurately and comprehensively monitor and evaluate these benefits.  Pure Leapfrog, in conjunction with SELCE, CEE and BSC have produced a report examining this lack of a M&E tool. Read more