The Greater London Authority (GLA) recently published a draft Environment Strategy, Solar Action Plan and Fuel Poverty Strategy. The Mayor asked everyone interested to provide any feedback they had on the strategies and Pure Leapfrog’s detailed response is here for anyone who wishes to read it. In general we very much welcome the strategies as a firm foundation to support and grow community energy in London.

As the strategies point out, London is behind the rest of the UK on community energy but at the same time, community energy can assist with many of the goals on renewable energy, citizen energy engagement and fuel poverty reduction in the strategy. Therefore, Pure Leapfrog very much focused in our response on highlighting the areas where community energy could align and enhance the goals of the various strategies. Maximising community engagement will maximise the support for any policy as people are much more likely to support those projects they have been involved in.

Pure Leapfrog especially welcomed the specific support for community energy in the Solar Action Plan, such as the Community Energy Fund. In addition, the goals the Mayor set out for solar in the capital are excellent and specific goals for community energy owned solar should also be included. Pure Leapfrog also sees that a London Energy Supply company could play a key role in supporting London community energy and looks forward to this being reflected in the tender for the supply company in early 2018. We also suggested a number of additional ways that community energy groups can be incorporated into goals on fuel poverty and energy efficiency.

Pure Leapfrog looks forward to working with the GLA to support the growth of London community energy. We are especially welcoming of the integration of community energy into the heart of the strategies. London community energy groups have deep local experience, leadership and knowledge, the GLA should ensure that they fully leverage these resources to ensure that the goals of the three strategies are attained in the most effective and inclusive manner.