By Aoife O'Leary

Pure Leapfrog's Local Energy Accelerator Platform(LEAP) is now almost two years old and we are continuing to update it to ensure community groups can get the best possible value for money on their legal costs. The platform currently supports community groups from initial (MOU) stage to full and final leases on solar (rooftop and ground-mount), wind, hydro and LED projects. We are continually looking at where the market is heading and what new business models groups would benefit from. Please read on for more information on our latest additions and updates.

Free Financial Model

We announced in the autumn last year that we had developed a new Lighting Agreement and associated financial model for community groups. We are delighted to announce that the financial model is now available for free to all groups who are members of Community Energy England. The model allows groups to figure out returns, cash flows and other project costs and is designed to complement the legal contract that was already part of LEAP. Get in touch if your group is considering an LED project to hear more about how LEAP can help you.

Licence-Exempt Contract

The latest document addition to LEAP is a Supply of Domestic Electricity Contract that groups can use for licence-exempt projects in their localities. We also have associated guidance on the circumstances under the Electricity Act that make allowance for exemptions, in order to assist community groups in designing appropriate projects. This guidance includes the small suppliers exemption under which community groups could supply up to 2.5MW of electricity to domestic customers.

If you are interested in the platform or would like to know more, please get in touch with Aoife at [email protected]