By Pure Leapfrog 

Our latest networking event was held on the 17th November 2015 and was kindly hosted by Bates Wells Braithwaite. 

It would be fair to say these have been challenging times for the green economy in the UK. This networking event gave us the opportunity to put current energy policy to one side and peek at what our future energy systems will look like. Net-metering, smart meters, renewables and battery storage are all technological solutions that can help us create a more sustainable lifestyle.

But what do they entail? What do the business models look like? And what role will communities play?

To provide some insights and a view into the future for community energy, we heard from an inspiring line up of speakers. If you couldn't make it to the event, the speakers have kindly made their presentations available for you below:

Kate Baxter, specialist in decentralised energy strategy & external affairs. Kate drew upon her experience in industry and ran through highlights from the Decentralised Energy Transition - a report by Lightsource, Good Energy, Foresight & Tesla - impressing upon the audience the global trend towards a future energy system which will be decentralised, with storage and embedded smart technology.

Dr David Shipworth, Reader in Energy and the Built Environment and Co-ordinator of the Buildings research theme at University College London. David gave a deep dive into net-metering and the work UCL is doing which is targeting those in fuel poverty whilst touching on some fascinating insights around the need for small systems to be smart or else counterproductively be hugely inefficient.

Robin Morris, Co-Founder & Director at Energy Local. Robin did a brilliant job of simplifying an extremely complex project Energy Local are delivering around time-of-use tariffs and balancing & settlement at the domestic level. The project called SWELL is pushing the regulatory boundaries and will pave the way for a whole string of innovation in energy use and management.

We would like to thank all of our speakers for their useful insights and making their presentations available, and to those of you who attended and contributed to a lively evening.

See you at our next event!