By Pure Leapfrog

As we announced back in March 2017, Alex Germanis has decided to resign his position as CEO of Pure Leapfrog. He kindly remained in position until the new CEO, Claire Hanratty, was in post.

Alex has been an integral part of the Leapfrog team for over 5 years and the Board of Trustees and the team would like to thank Alex for everything he has done for Pure Leapfrog and for leading us through times of change for both the community energy sector and the charity.

Whilst Alex has been CEO Leapfrog have:

  • Set up Leapfrog Finance
  • Created the Local Energy Accelerator Platform to provide template legal documents for community energy groups to use.
  • Supported the delivery of 28 community energy projects, enabling the installation of 26.3MW of community energy and directly benefitting over 64,000 people.
  • Offset over 26,000 tonnes of carbon emissions through projects in developing countries.

Thank you once again for all that you have done for the charity and the sector Alex and we wish you the best of luck for the future.