Over 70 attendees gathered in early April to look at coordinating existing and future academic work, research and initiatives that relate to community energy. Academics, students and researchers from universities from across the UK as well as representatives from a number of institutions plus practitioners were able to talk about the existing work and gaps in research.
The Q&A sessions allowed for a free dialogue helping attendees to begin thinking of potential solutions to the issues raised. The event closed with a view that it was a welcome opportunity to create a pathway for research and development and set the scene for a series of events that will allow the sector to communicate across disciplines.
The day was split into four sessions, each with different speakers:

Session 1: UK Regulation & Policy

Dr. Simon Cran-McGreehin, Executive Analyst at the Energy Research Partnership
Amy Mount, Senior Policy Advisor at Green Alliance
Dr. Jill Cainey, Director of Electricity Storage Network

Session 2: Business Models

Dr.Roy Alexander, Professor at the University of Chester
Laura Clayson, Consultant at the National Union of Students

Session 3: Technology Innovation & Industry Initiatives

Dr. Jake Barnes, Research Fellow at University of Sussex Science Policy Research Unit
Kim Croasdale, Sustainability Project Officer at the National Union of Students

Session 4: Socio-economic Impact

Dr. Stephen Hall, Research Fellow at the University of Leeds
Ruth Mayne, Researcher at University of Oxford Environmental Change Institute
Dr. Charlotte Johnson, Research Associate at UCL Energy Institute
A summary of the issues discussed and potential areas to follow up is available here and the presentations are available here.