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Ferry Farm Community Solar Case Study

West Sussex, England




Ferry Farm Community Solar (FFCS) Project C.I.C. is situated between Selsey and Sidlesham, West Sussex. The solar farm was commissioned in June 2016 by FFCS Project CIC, who run the farm as a community project for the benefit of the local community. Enabled by a Leapfrog bridge loan, FFCS were able to repurchase the solar farm 27th March 2020 and bring it into full community ownership. 


Technology Type:

5 MW Solar Facility

Loan Provided by Bridge Finance:


Target Social Benefit Fund:

Over the life of this project £1.3 million of income for local community organisations and projects.


Social Impact

The Solar farm is within a 7-mile radius of area of deprivation, located near the village of Selsey which contains areas in the 4th decile and is 5 miles west of Bognor Regis which contains areas in the 1st decile of the Index of Multiple Deprivation.
Community funds are divided up with 50% going towards a fuel poverty programme (managed by local charity Selsey Works) and 50% towards a grant funding programme awarding local initiatives (managed by Selsey Community Forum).

Environmental Impact

The solar farm generates around 5,056MWh of renewable electricity each year, enough to power the equivalent of 1,300 homes.

838 tCO2e

total tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (carbon emissions) saved per year.


average annual community benefit fund contribution since inception.