Carbon Coop Hulme Home Workshop 2 Pure Leapfrog
Carbon Co-op: Householders in Hulme looking at current energy usage and possibilities for future reduction.

How we support community energy

We address the whole project lifecycle

We have a network of professional advisors who help us tackle a range of barriers organisations face in developing their projects, from niche technical issues to the sector’s biggest challenges. In the past this has resulted in advice for pioneer groups on matters such as EIS tax relief, and developing some of the sector’s first share offers. As the sector has matured the focus has increasingly been focused on addressing sector wide issues such as those around Shared Ownership and on ensuring projects are investment ready and bankable. We also provide affordable finance to assist with the cost of an installation.

Projects accessing our Community Energy Fund benefit from:

  • A flexible approach that properly understands the demands of a community project
  • Low interest rates and flexible loan terms
  • More financial benefit retained within the community

Consulting & Delivery Services for the commercial and public sector

  • Our in-house experts can advise on issues such as commercial funding criteria
  • Your project can gain access to proven models and a track record of delivery

Talk to us about how we can help: