Brighton Energy Coop City Coast Church Pure Leapfrog
Brighton Energy Co-op installing at City Coast Church, 2012

Our loans

Community energy groups are growing rapidly in number and ambition. Along with our accessible professional expertise, the funding available supports community groups in financing the capital costs of their project in various ways such as underwriting or match funding of share offers, or refinancing of existing installations to provide expansion investment capital. Our standard loan terms are designed to be easily accessible.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligible technologies include all technologies eligible for FIT or RHI, as well as LEDs.
  • Eligible organisations include charities, not-for-profit organisations, community co-operatives, and any organisation operated for community benefit.
  • Projects must deliver measurable community benefits, including confirmation of use of financial surpluses from the project.
  • Funds may be used to finance a new installation, under-write a community share issue, or refinance an existing installation in order to fund new installations.

Loan Terms

Whilst the loan terms will vary from project to project, typically:

  • Loans will usually range between 10%-60% of project costs.
  • Loans start from £10,000 up to a normal maximum of £250,000.
  • Maximum term of 7 years, no minimum. 
  • Arrangement, commitment, due diligence, and early repayment fees are waived for smaller projects. 
  • Payment is only made once the borrower can prove that the technology is installed, commissioned and registered for FIT/RHI payments.
  • A charge will often be taken over leases, equipment, and associated FIT/RHI revenue streams.

Loan Experience: Brighton Energy Co-op 

Brighton Energy Co-op provides the Brighton and Hove community with a supply of renewable energy.

  • Total community financial revenues: £330,358
  • Total lifetime carbon savings: 554 tonnes
  • Project provides a ‘social dividend’ to investors of green community energy

“The Pure Leapfrog loan provided security to community investors against a shortfall of capital and gave the team confidence in commissioning schedules for our solar system.”

Will Cottrell, Chair, Brighton Energy Co-op 

To learn more about Brighton Energy Co-op, read their case study here.