Environmental statement

Pure Leapfrog is an environmental charity committed to tackling climate change and supporting sustainable development in our communities, and globally. Carbon Dioxide and greenhouse gas emission reduction is at the heart of what Pure Leapfrog is designed to deliver. However, we still recognise that while we work to achieve our charity’s objectives, we do
create an environmental impact.

At Pure Leapfrog we actively review and monitor our carbon reduction projects, events, transport, waste, procurement, energy and water reduction activities, seeking to continually improve our environmental performance. We encourage our volunteers and stakeholders to do the same.

Carbon Reduction Projects Pure Leapfrog draws upon the core skills of its executive team, trustees and supporters to carefully scrutinise the projects that apply for our support to ensure that the carbon benefit will be meaningful and that all areas of the environment, sustainability and corporate responsibility are taken into account.

Sustainable Procurement Pure Leapfrog looks to purchase office equipment and stationery from suppliers demonstrating active environmental policies and/or sustainable practices. 

Sustainable Events Pure Leapfrog ensures all our events are planned to be as sustainable as possible. Travelling to and from events will be done in the most environmentally considerate manner, using public transport as
the preferred means.

Sustainable Transport Pure Leapfrog team members are encouraged to use public transport when travelling to and from the office, or on business related travel. The head office is positioned in close proximity to public transport links and cycling routes.

Energy and Water Reduction in the Office Pure Leapfrog endeavours to work alongside Simmons & Simmons (our landlord) to ensure the most efficient energy and water reduction practices are in place, and any changes are effectively communicated to staff.

Waste Reduction in the Office Pure Leapfrog encourages staff to produce less waste, and to reuse and recycle where ever possible. Bins and recycling facilities are provided in the office and are clearly signposted to manage waste segregation. Electrical equipment follows the WEEE guidelines and is responsibly disposed of by the owner. Pure Leapfrog will seek to monitor waste efficiency and encourage new initiatives as and when available.

Continuous Improvement Pure Leapfrog will monitor office waste and energy bills in conjunction with Simmons & Simmons and seek to improve on our environmental impact when opportunities become available. New strategies and current policies will be reviewed annually to ensure all efforts towards carbon and emission reduction are in place.