Case studies

Below is a selection of projects from the 100+ we have assisted. Download the case studies to learn more about the projects we work with and our professional partners. If there is something specific that you would like to know about, but can't find any information on here, please get in touch.



Brighton Energy Co-op was formed to develop renewable energy in the Brighton and Hove area for local community benefit. The scheme raises awareness on the importance of energy efficiency and provides an opportunity for local residents to invest in the co-op with the expectation of a social dividend, rather than a personal financial reward.

Download Brighton Energy Co-op's case study 



Bristol Green Doors (BGDwas founded in 2010 to present good practice of domestic retrofitting and to help bring it into the mainstream. BGD’s first open homes event was a huge success and was the largest event of its kind in the UK, attracting over 2700 visits to 50 homes. 

Download Bristol Green Doors' case study


New Sandfields Aberavon


New Sandfields Aberavon is a member-led, community based regeneration organisation, governed by a board of director trustees drawn from the community. NSA aims are for the promotion of public benefits, the advancement of educations, training amongst unemployed people, the relief of sickness, to preserve and promote good health for the relief of poverty.


Download NSA's case study



Project Dirt is an online social network that offers 'constructive green networking opportunities' by encouraging individuals and their green projects to collaborate and share their experiences. Project Dirt aims to make environmentalism achievable, affordable and engaging.

Download Project Dirt's case study