Pure Leapfrog Event
Joint IUCN and Pure Leapfrog conference on the Economics of Nature in November 2010

Our partners

Our partners are leading organisations from a variety of industries including banking & finance, construction, consulting & environmental, marketing, media and philanthropy. 

They support us to deliver our broader mission to transform social investment and community energy through offering professional expertise and support to the community energy projects we work with.    

As a business led charity we aim to maximise the business benefits of association with us for each of our partners.

  • We celebrate and champion the pioneering work they deliver
  • We connect partners and enhance chances of future business opportunities
  • We offer access to relevant business skills volunteering projects enhancing their employee engagement and expanding their skill base
  • We identify best practice and facilitate sharing know how and knowledge
  • We provide a platform for partners to take part in transforming social investment and community energy in a practical business context. 
Partners working with us benefit from enhanced PR activities, develop case study collateral material and access tangible and relevant projects that feed into internal CSR programmes. 

We enable employees to apply their business skills to social impact programmes giving them unique experiences that expand mindsets and broaden skills and knowledge.  

Partners and businesses with interests in environmental and social impact programmes are provided with regular opportunities to meet and share project experiences.  From participating in collaborative workshops to providing input to shape industry, we provide a unique platform for developing ideas and sharing benefits – and at the same time taking advantage of a rewarding experience impacting communities.