Pure Leapfrog_LifeStraws_2
A community learning how LifeStraws work to filter water without the need to burn kerosene or fire wood. Credit: Kate Holt


Pure Leapfrog’s offsetting programme supports carbon reduction projects in Africa, India and other developing countries. All donations through this web site will support projects certified by the Gold Standard, which verifies the genuine sustainability of the projects we support.

All the projects have positive social impact as well as reducing carbon emissions in a verifiable way. Examples of projects include water purification in Kenya, using agricultural waste to generate clean power in India and distribution of clean cook stoves in Mali.

You can make a donation of any size to offset the carbon footprint of your business, domestic or travel emissions.

Pure Leapfrog is committed to the highest standards for carbon offsetting.

  • Pure Leapfrog was a founder member of the Independent Quality Assurance Standard for Carbon Offsetting.
  • Pure Leapfrog was ranked the UK’s top offsetter in a survey by Which? (awarded 15 out of 15 stars for financial data, transparency & projects).

We have offset emissions for organisations such as Avios, Barclaycard, the Green Investment Bank, the Financial Services Authority, British Gas, Man Group, the Crown Estate and Provamel.