Malavalli Pure Leapfrog
Farmers loading up fuel for the Malavalli electricity from biomass project, Karnataka, India

Business offsetting

Carbon offsetting gives businesses an effective way, as part of a comprehensive carbon reduction strategy, to compensate for the emissions associated with their activities.

Offsetting can strengthen your company's reputation for corporate responsibility and assure a place in corporate and public sector supply chains.

Pure Leapfrog offers a quality assured route to achieve carbon neutrality, whether that’s for your whole footprint or for a specific event.

We have provided a business calculator which covers all possible carbon emissions a business could incur, including: staff commutes, business travel, home offices, and business utilities (for large firms). Once you have calculated your business emissions you can offset the total.

Salary related giving

Salary related giving gives all employees the opportunity to get involved in a company's carbon reduction activities. 

We provide a carbon calculator to help employees measure their carbon footprint and is a simple tool that allows employees to nominate the amount that they wish to donate.

It is easy to set up a salary related scheme either through a Give as You Earn scheme or as an option within a flexible benefits package. Check with your benefits provider as they may already have an arrangement with us.

If you would like further information please contact us and a member of our team will be able to advise.