About us

Pure Leapfrog is a business led charity that is the leading provider of social investment and professional support within the community energy sector.
We provide low cost finance to UK community energy projects and introduce affordable professional expertise provided through our network of lawyers, accountants and other professional service providers. We also support international carbon reduction projects via carbon offsetting.
Pure Leapfrog (charity no. 1112249) was formed from a merger in 2013 of two charities, PURE the Clean Planet Trust and Carbon Leapfrog, who each shared a vision of reducing climate change by supporting community led low carbon projects.
Our work creates long lasting social impact. The projects we support improve the financial stability of schools and community centres by reducing their fuel bills. They also directly reduce fuel poverty and create jobs and volunteer opportunities in new social enterprises.
At a community level, we are creating entrepreneurial opportunities for individuals in areas of deprivation to take a direct stake in their community assets.


We have provided low cost loans and professional support to over 100 community energy projects and offset over 180,000 tonnes of emissions through international offsetting projects.
Our work has supported a number of UK firsts:
  • Our network provided professional support to the first UK social housing solar PV project by a community group
  • We also issued loans to the first community solar installation and the first community owned LED project
We have also recently set up a trading subsidiary, Leapfrog Finance, to undertake large scale finance. 


A fair, sustainable, socially inclusive energy system in which people and communities actively participate by generating their own clean energy and actively reducing energy demand

Our Mission

To give all UK communities the opportunity to own and generate clean, green power and work together to reduce energy demand by making finance accessible and affordable.

Our Objective

To ensure our vision is realised, we are dedicated to eliminating the financial and non-financial barriers faced by community energy in the UK. Our aim is to build a national centre of excellence, staffed with the leading community energy finance experts, and to become the go-to organisation for helping community organisations to overcome the hurdles they face in becoming investment ready.

Our Approach

We cannot achieve our mission alone. We build partnerships with the many stakeholders with whom we need to collaborate to achieve our goals, including government, social enterprises, companies and public sector agencies.