How will this accelerate the delivery of my project?

This platform turns the concept of legal contracts on its head. Historically, organisations have almost completed their projects before working with their legal documents. The LEAP platform enables community groups to start legal negotiations early, reducing project risk by ensuring smoother negotiation with contracting parties and building owners and allows groups to rest easy that their legal documents will be acceptable to financiers.

Is this affordable?

Pure Leapfrog recognised that one of the most difficult barriers for community groups to overcome was access to professional support at a reasonable cost. LEAP was developed with this specifically in mind. The template documents allow solicitors to offer significantly reduced fees as they do not need to develop new documents from scratch. Pure Leapfrog are even working with a number of law firms to provide fixed quotes for completing projects on the basis of working with the templates. Watch this space for further announcements soon.

What quality are the LEAP documents?

The LEAP documents have been developed with a number of top-tier law firms, taking into account the experience and expertise of those who have worked within the sector for a number of years. In addition, the documents are also being reviewed by funders (see next question) and as stated, we are working with law firms to provide quotes on the basis of the documents, giving groups the assurance that the documents are acceptable to lawyers experienced in the sector.

Are the LEAP documents ‘bankable’?

We are liaising with a number of organisations that provide funding to the community energy sector to understand what makes documents ‘bankable’ and ensure our documents are in line with this. We have already had feedback from a number of finance providers and will be announcing their endorsement of the documents soon.

The document I need isn’t listed here. Can you still help me?

Yes, we are constantly working on a pipeline of new documents so it may be that the document you need is part of that pipeline. Please contact Aoife (aoife.oleary@pureleapfrog.org) and she can discuss your needs with you.